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How To Choose The Right Name For Your Future Company

Seeking the Appropriate Name:

Pick the name of the legal entity carefully. It’s crucial for the chosen name to portray the picture you desire for the new business. Legally, the title you select must not be “deceptively comparable” to any current company, or must be “distinguishable on the record” of the state.

For instance, if an organization is known as “Glow LLC” is present in your location, you will not be permitted to name your business as “Glove LLC”.

Often the name you select is not available. This is basically the reason we ask our consumers to submit a second choice of business name whenever creating a new entity. Furthermore, many says that you need to include the words “Limited Liability Company,” or the abbreviation “LLC” at the end of the name (for LLCs), or “Inc”, “Corp” or “Incorporate”, “Corporate”, etc. for corporations.

Sticking To Your Name:

When you choose the name (such as the appendix) you need to stick to it. For instance, your company name is “MyCompany Inc.” then all your valuable recognized letterheads, correspondence, domain brands, business cards, and other company related papers and sales collateral will have to incorporate the employment of “MyCompany Inc.” as opposed to “MyCompany Corp” and such.

Reserving Your Business Name:

If you’re e not ready to form your company, but want to protect the name to do business under, you are able to reserve that name utilizing the Secretary of State where you intend to form your business entity. The process of company title reservation is simple and much similar to the entire process of creating the actual entity. First you will need to fill the form of that secretary state then will further procedure will start. Here is a sample of Corporate Name Application Form, from which you can take guidance.

Corporate Name Application Form

Corporate Name Application Form


Remember that name reservations are restricted to a particular duration of the time, so you actually have to restore the reservation or danger shedding the name you have reserved.

Let’s say My Business Needs to Operate under Several Brands?

Your business entity can simply get one title, however you can lodge as many assumed brands (also called “Doing Business As”, DBA, or d.b.a.) as you like, as long as these are typically available in the state or county in which you plan to make utilize them.

Making DBA is the easiest and cost efficient way to-do business under a new company name without need to produce an entirely new business entity. With DBA you can take repayments, promote, and represent yourself under that title.