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How to Use School Merit Stickers and Certificates to Motivate Children with Special Needs

  1. Make the child feel important and appreciated:

In some situations, children with special needs have limited self-esteem and absence of inspiration. The teachers, moms and dads should thus make use of the stickers and certificates to reward great behavior rather than to penalize inacceptable persons. This would assist the kid to realize that there are good things that they can do and therefore they are happy by performing those things. Engage the child in enjoyable activities, like concerning them in adding the stickers on a huge chart every time they generate an effort towards great behavior, and whenever they score high in scholastic activities.

  1. Allow it to be simple for them to generate the stickers:

Get started with jobs which are not very difficult for a child. The main focus should be on the area where the youngster does well. Provide the stickers generously, so that the kid is excited about their performance in good things. As they create their esteem and begin showing positive improvements, this job can be made more challenging. As this is completed, the reward should also get much better by having the kid earn more stickers or larger incentives.

  1. Vary the incentives given:

As an alternative of getting the youngster missing a sticker in a provided area, you can vary the number of stickers to mirror the energy the youngster leaves in. The concept “let me reveal” enables the child to have a good knowledge in every condition. For instance, if the child has issues in focusing and settling in course, you can easily award three stickers for staying still in class, not talking during the course and taking notes, two stickers for remaining still and taking notes and one for performing one of positive behavior, because most of the other individuals are not doing well.

  1. Involve the parents:

Make postcards with stickers showing the child’s accomplishments and mail them to their parents and ask the, to allow it in a huge deal when it comes to youngster receiving the postcard. The pupil should feel that they are not just appreciated at school but also at home. The concept is to create a need in kids to generate even more stickers and impress others.

  1. Simply take into consideration just what the kid loves:

To help make more effective in motivating the child, take a note of exactly what the child loves. Then you need to include it in the stickers. A sticker in the text “I Am Well Mannered” may  not make much sense to the child. A far much better idea would be to have the sticker bear those words and an image that is appealing to the youngster. In the event that kid has an inclination of tints, then make use of those colors which they love. Don’t only focus on making the youngster pleased about the present but also make it enjoyable for them to obtain the stickers.

  1. Match the incentives with switching behavior and abilities:

As the kid grows and gets better, change the sticker chart to mirror these modifications. Involve the child in doing this and also discuss their ideas about the incentives they prefer to obtain for other accomplishments. As the youngster develops, other rewards come to be more meaningful. You can touch this by assigning present values to the stickers and also have the child claim gifts once they have generated adequate stickers. It’s additionally wise to take note of those tasks that pose great challenge to the kid. It is wise to eliminate such activities which discourage the kid.

  1. Examine the magnitude of this rewards:

Don’t try to link school merit stickers with such benefits that it becomes a challenge to produce them. You should be in a position to immediately provide any presents that the kid earns. In the event that incentive is in terms of money, ensure that you put aside that cash in advance and avail it as shortly as the youngster earns it. It is also wise to note that if the reward is so huge, in a way that the youngster is not successful in earning it, the experience becomes negative and may impede the child from improving.

The idea which should always be at the back of the teacher’s head while working with kid’s behavioral issues, is that good benefits should be of primary focus. Primary stickers and school certificates are really effective in bringing this motivation.

School Certificate Template

School Certificate Template

You can see Open Office School Certificate Template to help in making the certificates. A good idea of making all of them attractive and to be loved by children  is to add their names and photos in a unique design.