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Protect Your Assets by Keeping a Current Inventory List

To be able to prepare for a tragedy, companies have actually to consider the various causes of catastrophes. Within the condition of Florida, for instance, companies face possible water harm from hurricanes and storms. In California, there’s a better possibility of earthquakes. Midwestern states have tornadoes and harmful lightning from storms. One of several threats to a company at any place is fire harm, and can happen at any time from a myriad of causes. Fire damage can range from minimal damage to a complete loss.

Protecting assets (machinery, gear, computer systems, file servers, automobiles, etc.) from water damage, storm harm and earthquakes, particularly in states like FL and CA can be a challenge. Fire prevention has reached the top most executives’ listings with regards to tragedy readiness, and is a prerequisite of local fire divisions. While there isn’t any foolproof approach to disaster preparedness, someone could take steps to minimize risk and also to minimize recovery time throughout the insurance claim procedure. As soon as a disaster hits, it can be complicated and instant intensive process to place together an insurance claim for damages. As soon as the company files a claim, the insurance company will send out a statement adjuster to gauge the destruction. Part of this assessment is place an estimate of loss. Company owners and managers that can supply a listing of assets along with duplicates of receipts have much better success at getting an insurance claim paid rapidly and accurately, for that reason reducing unnecessary recovery time.

Maintaining a record of assets, an equipment-inventory-list may assist expedite the promises procedure  and it’ll likewise make sure that you are correctly paid for possessions in inclusion to costs to repair or reconstruct the buildings.



There are numerous already prepared “templates” for asset directories readily available with Microsoft succeed or Access. Either program will work, but Access offers you much more comprehensive listing of assets by utilizing a database. This database also allows you to scan pictures of actual receipts and attach the electric documents of single asset record. For tiny businesses that just require a simple list, executives and proprietors can install and put in a program known as “Open Office” for free. Irrespective of choice of software, the absolute most important thing will be precisely list assets along with an information, the day bought and original buy price.

After you have finished your resource inventory record, it is crucial to keep it in a separate and protected location, such as a lockbox at a bank or simply save it on the web. Like that whenever tragedy hits, you can expect to understand your asset listing is safe and protected and not look at the location that has been damaged or damaged. There are a lot of web pages that offer no-cost or low cost online storage space. For companies utilizing Microsoft Office, they may be able keep the Access database or Excel spreadsheet using “Office Live” and “Sky Drive”, which provides each user up to 25 gigabytes (GB) of area 100% no-cost. Bing additionally offers some free online applications called “Bing Apps” which can be saved, accessed and updated online.

The best time to start your asset listing is today. Maintain the resource listing updated on a regular basis, at the very least on a monthly basis. That way if a catastrophe should hit, you’re going to be one action in advance in getting your company back on the right track.